Where I Am Is Home


Where I am is home

Oh my beleaguered countrymen:

It seems strange that you believe a person should remain a prisoner of a geographic area, that happens to claim itself to be a country. The idea behind the creation of a country isn’t that people are there to serve it as serfs. The idea is that people are able to live as freely as possible under its political system. When that political system doesn’t stay true to its promise, or a person simply doesn’t want to live in that geographic area, that person being inherently free, can just choose to leave. There is no need for a justification. There is no need for an explanation. The world was created not so that we could get so localized as to shun the idea of anything beyond, but to experience it wholly as a marvel that it truly is.

A country as it starts its descent into turmoil, also starts experiencing a brain drain. In other words, those with brains are the first to realize the malaise, and as a result act to ensure they don’t end up being the helpless victims, or a blotch on a wall after a bomb blast. Those who are too wedded to the being a slave to a monolithic government, run by a select few, eventually get their turn to get punished, when no one else is left who can be blamed.

And while we are at it: did not the greatest prophet of Islam leave Mecca for Medina? Did not he leave his clan, his ancestral land, to go to a safer, better, and a more peaceful place? Did not the Muslims of Mecca migrate to Yathrib when life became difficult? Oh my friends, I feel for you, for I pity how much you must suffer, thinking every person leaving to be a traitor. Without realizing, that by not doing so yourself, you condemn yourself and your family to a greater chance of harm.

I love my country; I love Pakistan. It is peerless and unique in so many ways. It holds in its bosom the graves of my ancestors, and with it a link to my past. It has this unmatched beauty, and it has this untold charm, but it also has this proclivity for disaster. With only one life to live, I choose to avoid that disaster. I choose instead the entire world to be my abode, my playing field.

I enjoy walking along the stream that flows past my house. Looking at the green tall trees, and breathing the fresh clean air, I experience peace. I feel closer to Allah, and marvel at His beautiful creation, and feel happy that I am alive. Where I am is home.

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