Triple Talaq



  1. One can only divorce one’s own spouse.
  2. Saying “Talaq” causes an instant divorce.


If one is a spouse, then, one can say “Talaq” and cause an instant divorce.

If saying “Talaq” once causes an instant divorce, then, a person is no longer a spouse after the first utterance of the word.

To utter the word “Talaq” a second time, right after the first, would not constitute a second divorce as the other person is no longer one’s spouse, and one can only divorce one’s own spouse.talaq-debate

To cause a divorce the second time by effectually saying “Talaq” would necessitate a reconciliation and a restoration of spousal relationship first.

Only after the restoration of the spousal relationship would saying “Talaq” a second time have any meaning.


This leads to the conclusion that saying “Talaq” multiple times in rapid succession cannot logically lead to multiple divorces in rapid succession if the above two premises hold true.

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