Summary Executions for TTP Prisoners? Say NO


Summary Executions

The horrific deaths of so many children in Peshawar has lead to calls of swift retaliation and summary executions for all the TTP prisoners. The tempers and the emotions are at their highest at this moment. The tragedy is such that immediate and decisive action feels the most right and most needed.

The dastardly and indiscriminate killings of the children is going to haunt our minds for a long time to come. An act of such brutality and heartless cruelty can never be rationalized, understood, or forgiven. Our hearts now bleed at the utter inhumanity of such a brutal and despicable act.

In the light of such unprecedented act of horror, should we also go ahead with another unprecedented act of summarily killing these heartless and vicious criminals? The answer despite the pain it gives us is a resounding NO.

Summary Executions? No person is given that in Islam or any civilized society. Aren’t these the kinds of summary execution the Taliban themselves have been giving to those they disliked? Have the people of Pakistan stooped so low that they now wish to emulate the Taliban themselves in meting out justice?

We have a justice system. Yes, it’s broken, and yes it’s excruciatingly slow. Despite those shortcomings it needs to be proven that each TTP member killed someone before any punishments can be meted out. There is a chance that some excitable people joined the TTP but haven’t committed serious acts of violence. 

We were pointing out how trigger happy US was after 9/11 and how unwise it was to start b
ombing Afghans. Now we’re experiencing the pain and using the same kill everyone in our path action that leads to worse outcomes.

It may not be apparent but most of those who’re going for suicide missions or are after martyrdom aren’t in jails. The ones in jails may be the small potatoes that we end up catching. Those who are guilty will need to be punished, but it’s neither humane nor Islamic to use summary executions against all associated with a terror organization and without any trial, conviction, and due process. 

If Pakistan is to ever get out of this cycle of misery, this bitter pill will need to be swallowed, or else another half a century would go by before we realize the folly of our emotional reactions, and how they keep us marred in this cycle of unceasing violence.

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