Robots are Taking Over

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Do you believe the robots are taking over our lives? I would like to think that a robot is just another name for better and more efficient way of doing things. More freedom from redundant tasks means more time for leisure and more time for innovative thinking. Technology has been improving at a faster and faster pace since the industrial revolution and we are all better off. Those who were building carriages after the Model T was introduced by Henry Ford started losing ground, but hey that’s progress.

Human population has increased ten times since the industrial revolution and a lot of us wouldn’t be in existence today were it not for this progress. Imagine if nine out of 10 people are just removed from the face of the earth. Which one of us think we’ll be the lucky ones to be not eliminated?

Technology and progress seems tough, and intimidating at times but ends up with a higher standard of living. Now only if the Pakistan government stopped all these restrictions and did what Great Britain did in 1884 by repealing the Corn Laws and ushering into an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

But they are divided on whether these technological advances will be helpful, with 48 per cent of respondents to Pew’s survey saying they will destroy jobs and increase income inequality.

Those who have a socialist inclination believe that technology is going to destroy jobs and many people are going to be unemployed. Yes, one group of people will have to adapt, but most will adapt. Would we give up on trains, cars, airplanes, telephones, automated manufacturing? I think not. And that my friends gives us hope that we’ll do just fine and even thrive when even robots become abundant. The trick is to continue to learn and not get so wedding to doing one thing the same way that that you stop seeing the big picture.

“The very nature of work will have changed radically by 2025, but only in economies that have chosen to invest in education, technology and related infrastructure,” JP Rangaswami, chief scientist for

The ultimate automation is when humans have to do almost nothing they don’t want to and the machines do all the tougher work. We enjoy our beautiful lives, spending time with family, and engage is activities that are true to what we really believe in and want to do. If we are willing to adapt, this new change of robots taking over can give us an advantage in adapting to this new environment and usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity.

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