Pakistan is Delaying the Signing of PTA with Turkey


Pakistan is delaying the signing of PTA with Turkey. PTA stands for Preferred Trade Agreement. The government is delaying it probably for multiple reasons, but one of the less obvious is because the cartels are terrified they’ll be facing real competition if it is signed. This delay has nothing to do with the turmoil in the country. Yes the exporters are going to profit, while those who cater only to the domestic market are going to suffer.

Ankara is ready to sign the much-awaited Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) with Islamabad as “nothing is pending from the Turkish side but it is being delayed by the Pakistani government”, a Turkish official said on Wednesday.

The problem isn’t that our elected officials are stupid and don’t know what’s at stake here; the real problem is that the cartels that have been formed with the help of these elected officials are going to get foreign competition. It’s this higher quality and cheaper product that is making them all pee in their pants, and they are doing all they can to stall the process as much as possible.

Britain in 1876 repealed their Corn Laws and had the greatest and fastest rise in standard of living after it. The Corn Laws were there to protect the agriculture and distributed food cheaply to the poor while keeping prices stable. It all sounded good until they realized it was causing serious stagnation.

Once the laws were removed almost everyone benefited from the free market, except the land owners and those in cahoots with government who wanted to keep the foreign goods away. Afterward, the prosperity from getting cheaper food and better goods increased the standard of living of everyone involved, and Britain became the most prosperous empire on the face of the Earth.

In view of the above isn’t it so clear why Pakistan is delaying the signing of PTA with Turkey? Our leaders are not retards, they do these things deliberately in the name of helping the poor, while the aim is to enslave the populace, and keep it poor and subjugated.

Pakistan has more people than Britain had, it has more access to knowledge. All it needs is the removal of this artificial laws that have shackled the country. We need to unshackle and free Pakistan from the chains of economic, social, and political stagnation.

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