Nawaz Government is Flip-Flopping

Nawaz and Imran

The Nawaz government is flip-flopping. I had higher hopes from the Nawaz government but they seem to be doing the same things that they accused Musharraf of doing: Interfering in politics, using force to eliminate opponents, stopping rallies. Now Imran Khan, who’s character I admire but not so much his economic policies, is being attacked.

I would have thought, it would have been so much easier to let those rallies happen. Trying to stop these rallies is like throwing kerosene on a small fire. Until this problem Nawaz Sharif was going steadily but now he seems to be panicking. Considering the operation against the militants is going reasonably well Nawaz Sharif should have been up in the approval ratings, but he’s sliding fast. Why is he so terrified of rallies. Imran Khan and his followers being threatened with arrest. FIR against Tahir ul Qadri. I mean it’s so obvious the government is doing all it can to punish those who are active against it.

I am beginning to understand the dilemma those who I disagree with are facing. I explain to them why the policies of Imran Khan are bad, and quite a few see the light. Yet, they say there is no other choice as Imran Khan is the only one who is not corrupt. I usually shake my head at their irrationality, but perhaps have been judging them prematurely. The policies of Muslim League Nawaz seemed better on books but the behavior of Nawaz Sharif himself is leaving something to be desired. How can we not have a person with character and better policies? Imran Khan has partially socialist policies. PPP has totally socialist policies, especially from what Bilawal is saying. Muslim League Nawaz on paper has less social influence but the behavior is so uncharacteristic of what was sold.

Nawaz Sharif privatizes one company, only partially, but doesn’t allow the locals to buy the shares. What kind of a privatization is this? And while he’s privatizing, he continues to give more and more funding to public companies for them to grow bigger still! If you are selling a company let the new owners make these expensive decisions instead of investing more of public money and then selling the entity.

I am a through and through capitalist but this isn’t capitalism. This is what USSR did when it crumbled, by selling shares to the rich and powerful and not the public (technically the shares were confiscated from the public by the mafia). We are outright selling assets (rightly) but to the wrong people. Would IK’s be better? I am beginning to wonder. This sounds more like corporatism where government and large businesses do all they can to stifle competition.

The fact that the Nawaz government is flip-flopping can be highlighted by the recent 33% tariff on import of solar panels. Cutting access to cheaper solar panels is going to stifle the already crumbling economic condition. At least those who could afford it had a chance to get the solar panels and use them for their electricity needs, and freeing some electricity for others. Now it costs a lot more, and slows the businesses down, leading to potential economic slowdown down the road. I would think that the only reason something so crazy would be done by those in power is to stifle competition. With difficulty in procuring cheaper foreign solar panels the local companies turn into cartels. The energy companies also have less competition and can maintain their monopoly status.

The ones who ends up suffering are the normal people who had some chance of getting cheaper energy that now is going to be taken away. The Nawaz government it seems has started to play a dirty game and all I can say is I am highly disappointed. I hope the country doesn’t bleed to death with such horrendous double faced policies.

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