Licence To Kill

Licence to Kill

Giving Pakistani security forces a licence to kill is a disastrous move. The question here is whether giving up a little bit of liberty is worth a little bit of increase in security. Founders of USA were not of this opinion. The truth they held to be self evident was about a person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Man is man, and a slave to incentives. Plato had clarified it over two thousand years ago that power corrupts. There isn’t much difference whether the man is American or Pakistani. To allow a group of people to harm another without recourse, repercussions or checks is a recipe for disaster.

This Protection of Pakistan bill sounds so patriotic, yet is like a Trojan horse, carrying the gift of destruction. It empowers the law enforcement agencies to take action against any person on receipt of “credible prior information”, but it does not specify how the dealing officials would assess the credibility of any information. Basically any security official could choose to exercise their state given right to crush any innocent citizen and it is all legal.

The law also empowers the security forces to arrest any suspect without warrants, and also authorizes them to search without permission or a presence of a magistrate. If this doesn’t raise the hair on the back of the concerned citizens of this country then perhaps they do deserve to be hunted down and killed.

Giving these extra judicial power to the security forces to basically kill as they see fit is akin to raising snakes in one’s home. No matter how much you feed it, sooner or later it’s going to bite. This is the time to fight this nefarious bill before it turns into a law, and becomes a part of our daily lives.

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