Fallacy of Taxation

Tax quote from Bastiat

Why should people and businesses be brought under the tax net? Are people and their personal property a slave to the government that it should also have to be taxed, even after owning its rights in the first place? The larger tax bracket means the government gets more involved in the lives of people and as a consequence ends up completely controlling their lives . The fallacy of taxation is the belief that taxation is needed to provide goods and services to the poor.

Some would argue that how is government supposed to pay for all these services and resources it provides without taxing people. They would be right in questioning this, but wrong in concluding that taxation is the way to procure these services and that the government has to provide it. The right to provide for the services isn’t taxation, debt, or money printing, but rather an outright reduction of government involvement in all these activities, and letting the people freely cater the needs and demands of fellow beings.TaxationPlunder

All these failures aren’t because of a lack of funds, but more so because government is in charge of it all in the first place. Letting the people decide voluntarily whether they want to buy a product offered by a private group or another is the correct way of going about improving the lives of the people.

Socialist philosophy sounds wonderful because of its emphasis on helping the poor and leveling the playing field, but fails miserably at clarifying where all these resources to pay for all these services are going to come from.

taxation-is-theftWhen the government takes away the funds from people it takes away a vital incentive for people to innovate. The rewards for putting in the extra effort and more importantly to take that risk in a venture that might change the world is not worth it when the rewards are siphoned away because of taxation.

Having more in the hands of people and entrepreneurs results gives them the incentive to push the boundaries of providing goods and services. This act actually ends up improving the lives of those who are at the bottom far better than a government welfare program using taxation.

The fallacy of taxation is the belief that taxation is needed to provide goods and services to the poor. Taxation at the very heart of it is theft – forcibly taking from one group of people and giving it to another. Compare the actions of a warlord collecting funds from people and then claiming to protect them and provide them other services. It’s no different than the state lording over the people.

The collected funds in reality are used by the state for increased control, greater suppression, and benefit the warlord more than they benefit the people. The state is a large warlord and taxation is one of the ways it keep sucking our blood, draining our resources, and keeping us from being free and at the same time spreading this myth that it’s the rich that are to be blamed for all the mess others are in.

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