Erdogan and Gaza


Erdogan and Gaza seem now a days to be intertwined. Erdogan has been issuing unusually strong statements against their long term ally Israel in support of Palestinians. Turkey is a Muslim majority nation that is relatively prosperous. This prosperity didn’t happen overnight, but is a result of steady improvement over decades. Erdogan though is poking holes in the wheels that helped this country along this path of development and economic uplifting.

Economic and social advancement, including the right to practice religion doesn’t come from a government decree. It evolves out of the rising standard of living of the populace due to increase in it’s productivity via the accumulation of capital goods.

The atrocities in Gaza are without doubt extreme and deplorable, and have been going on for decades. It’s a worthwhile subject but the topic is here is the actions of Erodogan himself and what they represent.

Governments across the world and Islamic governments in particular are vying for greater and greater power over their citizens. The people in charge of making decisions for the government are making it so that citizens are bound and have fewer rights and lesser freedoms. There are restrictions on what a person can see, and on what a person can say. Notice the censoring of TV channels and internet in Pakistan and Turkey.

Erodogan is of the same mind and is tightening the chains of slavery around Turks, and using the guise of a pious Muslim to do so. He tried to ban YouTube, and Twitter to hide the strongly mounting accusations of corruption. Going to this extreme to ban these modes of communication in today’s world is simply mind boggling. When a leader tries to control what the people can and cannot do, it shows the true authoritarian nature of the leader and indirectly the state itself.

Erdogan is religious and there’s nothing wrong in practicing religion. But there is something not right when the government dictates how a citizen should behave and even dress. I believe Turks are going to attempt to reclaim the trajectory that is making them prosperous. I hope for their and our sake that there is a change for the positive. The military’s tough hand of the past in Turkey was also abusive and wrought many an atrocities upon the people. The pro-Islamic government on the other hand isn’t any better and is similarly repressive. Only it’s mode of operation is disguised differently, appearing to be Muslim friendly.

Lets not confuse the pain of seeing Gaza burn to having a controlling leader using the name of Islam to manipulate the system for his absolute control. What’s happening in Gaza is deplorable, but it doesn’t mean people need to start losing their freedoms because their eyes are fixated on something happening elsewhere.

Freedom is a precious little gift that needs constant and vigilant protection. The way to keep it vibrant is not by increasing the size of the government and giving it more control, but by keeping the size of the government small and focused on only providing security and rights. Beyond that the people are more than capable of figuring out what they want and how to get it.

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